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The family-owned company EXMONTE - Natürlich Gesund, based in Upper Austria’s tradition-steeped Mühlviertel, has been selling paraffin-free natural cosmetic products of the highest quality for several years. The unique proprietary formulations of EXMONTE natural products meet all the quality criteria and standards for natural cosmetic products and foodstuffs.

By carefully using plant-based products and with its awareness of the importance and efficacy of pure natural products, the company specialized in the sale and distribution of natural products WITHOUT the use and addition of paraffins, parabens, silicones, nanoparticles, aluminium and other dermatologically incompatible ingredients. These natural products specifically promote healthy, beautiful skin, especially as environmentally friendly body care products improve the quality of life. The skin, which is often very tired or damaged already, is not exposed to any further unnecessary stresses. This increases the body’s natural regenerative capacity as herbal essential oils are absorbed more quickly into the skin and help to support its natural function.


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The EXMONTE - Natürlich Gesund company has been producing paraffin-free natural cosmetics since 2004, selling and marketing them mainly in the German-speaking countries of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol. Thanks to continuous growth in new products, combined with a successful, strategically healthy export performance, new customers have been acquired and now the company’s important sales markets also include other EU countries such as England, Holland, Belgium, France, Sweden, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, etc. In June 2016, the company delivered its first consignment to China. There is also demand from the Arab world.

With its knowledge of the unique effects of paraffin-free products, the family-owned company now sells its products in well-stocked specialist stores, such as pharmacies, chemists, health food stores, specialist sports outlets, in leisure and spa centres in addition to through the wholesale pharmaceutical trade.

In recent years, the product range has been continuously extended and now includes traditional marmot ointment, a popular, tried and tested rubbing liniment, skin protection creams and moisturising lotions with a soothing, relaxing effect and other pharmacological products which promote the skin’s natural resilience, have a regenerative effect and increase wellbeing.